Need Help with an Agricultural Insurance Claim?

We have dealt with all types of agricultural claims, including fire, flood and storm damage. Clients who have had farm outbuildings and their contents destroyed or even lost livestock, have used us in the past with fantastic success.
We can help you get the required paperwork together to submit to your insurer. We are at hand to advise and negotiate on your behalf in any awkward situation.

Our aim is to maximise your entitlement under your policy, and make sure you get the best settlement possible.




Storm Damage - Agricultural Insurance Claims

In our experience the vast majority of Storm Damage Claims are fully covered by home insurance.  We will reduce the time & stress involved dealing with your Storm damage insurance claim.
Our goal is to get the BEST POSSIBLE SETTLEMENT for you with your claim.

You will have Brendan’s direct contact details, he will be your single point of contact. Brendan and his team will represent your best interests throughout the claim process. Call us >before you contact your insurer!

Agricultural Burglary Insurance Claims

Every week we see items stolen from a farm yard or farm sheds. Quads, machinery and trailers are a common items stolen from your farm. We even dealt with the theft of a door of a tractor recently !

You should protect your farm and machinery as best possible. Lots of farmers now have calving cameras fitted in the sheds. Why not add to your system, and fit cameras to your yard. We recently viewed CCTV footage of the intruder hiding down behind a silage pit, while the farmer walked around the farmyard with the dog after the barking alerted the farmer to get up and check his property at 4.15am !

We have items such as power washers stolen from sheds and if any theft occurs on your farm, you will need our assistance to make sure you get a fair and reasonable settlement from your insurer.
Our goal is to get the BEST POSSIBLE SETTLEMENT for you with your claim.

You will have Brendan’s direct contact details, he will be your single point of contact. Brendan and his team will represent your best interests throughout the claim process.
Call us before you contact your insurer!

Agricultural Machine Claims

We have dealt with many unfortunate claims for farm machinery. The majority, for fire damage. Top of the range tractors burnt to a crisp and all that is left is a lump of burned metal.

Other machinery damage we have handled before 

  • combine harvester
  • slurry tankers
  • sprayers
  • round and square bailers
  • silage wrappers
  • tractors
  • harvesters
  • hedge cutters and mowers. 
  • Quads & ATV’s


Agricultural Insurance Claims

If you have your machinery insured and you have the misfortune of it being damaged, your insurer will send out a motor assessor to examine the machinery to determine if the item is a write-off.  

It can be difficult to deal with the motor assessor on your own, and you may well need the experience of Brendan Boyle Insurance Claims Consultants to assist you get a favourable outcome to your claim.

Impact Damage Insurance Claims

Sometimes your neighbours cattle might stray onto your land or household property. Serious damage can be caused.

  • hedges
  • trees
  • shrubs
  • driveway and house.

We have dealt with many such claims over the years for customers. Cattle trespass can cause a lot of damage and take away the stress of dealing with this ( or your neighbour!) by asking us to deal with the matter for you. We will put together all costs to complete repairs and negotiate with the other party on your behalf.
Run away tractors or trailers can also cause a lot of damage on a farm or near your home. Failure to engage the breaks on the vehicle correctly can lead to a lot of damage. We can help you

So what are your next steps? 

Your home needs to be examined by a professional to determine what the problem is. Do not commence any repair work until you get your home assessed. This is where Brendan can step in and save you the hassle of having to deal with your insurer on your own. It can be intimidating to argue your case to get the compensation that you deserve. Some, may not even apply for compensation as the process is too intimidating for them to deal with. Brendan will talk with you and then visit your home and conduct an assessment as to the damage done and the costs associated with it. He will then contact your insurer on your behalf and ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. He makes the whole process easy and stress-free, which is exactly how it should be.

Working with Us - The 4 Big Advantages

We will Help & guide you through the difficult days after the cause of the claim
We assist in securing:
• accommodation 
• interim funding
We will Ensure all damage is noted & reported so its included in the claim
We check your policy terms & conditions  to make sure your covered
We will Handle all negotiations & prepare all the paperwork for your insurer  
We attend all meetings &  keep you informed of all updates
We will Ensure your claim is run efficiently & quickly ensuring a successful outcome – Every time
We will get the BEST possible settlement for your claim

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