Other Types of Commercial Insurance Claims

We work on many types of Insurance claims for our Clients – here is a selection of the more common claims.
Please get in touch if your type of claim is not mentioned. Its highly likely that we have worked on something very similar to yours.

  • Fire, Chimney Fire,  explosion & Lightning
  • Smoke Damage
  • Burst pipe or water leak
  • Storm Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Theft or malicious Damage
  • Escape of Heating Oil / Kerosene
  • Accidental Damage
  • Impact Damage Claims ( normally from motor vehicles)
  • Third party Damage Claims e.g. Cattle trespass, or vehicle impacts with your garden wall
  • Subsidence, Landslip or Heave

Working with Us - 4 Big Advantages

We will Help & guide you through the difficult days after the cause of the claim
We assist in securing:
• accommodation 
• interim funding
We will Ensure all damage is noted & reported so its included in the claim
We check your policy terms & conditions  to make sure your covered
We will Handle all negotiations & prepare all the paperwork for your insurer  
We attend all meetings &  keep you informed of all updates
We will Ensure your claim is run efficiently & quickly ensuring success
We will get the BEST possible settlement for your claim

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Commercial Malicious Damage Insurance Claims

Sadly, there are occasions when homes are damaged intentionally.

Our experience as Loss Assessors has taught us that these insurance claims can cause homeowners significant distress.

Having a Loss Assessor on your side will lessen the negative impact during the insurance claim process and ensure you get a positive outcome with your claim

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Commercial​ Oil Spillage Insurance Claims

Oil leaking must be dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

Oil, diesel or kerosene spillage can cause devastating damage to your business. It can have long terms effects on concrete foundations, floors or walls of a property. 

With Brendan onboard your claim will be handled professionally, we will ensure you get a positive outcome with your claim.

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Commercial​ 3rd Party Insurance Claims

You will need to make a third-party claim if you’ve suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence – for example, a neighbour, contractor, architect or surveyor.

In these cases, the insurance process can be even more complicated than normal. There may be problems with the third party’s insurance cover, and they could try to avoid accepting liability.

Unlike a regular insurance claim, law dictates that it is the claimant’s responsibility to prove that the third party is liable

Brendan can help. He has processed many 3rd party claims successfully. To ensure a positive outcome for your 3rd party claim get in touch. 

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