Broker Assistance

We have worked with many of the industry’s most highly respected insurance brokers, alongside the major insurance companies and, as a result, we are highly respected in the industry.

Our aim is to work side by side with insurance brokers, providing them with additional support and expertise to help their clients navigate complicated insurance claims. Our experts will provide a bespoke claims service to fit each broker’s exact requirements.

We take the lead from the broker as to where they need our assistance and become an addition to their service, enhancing their offering to clients. We give the broker the opportunity to offer their clients a 360 degree approach, with both the knowledge to place insurance and a professional to manage and negotiate their client’s claims. We work with the broker to reach the same goal of ensuring their client receives the very best settlement under the terms of their insurance policy.

Should you choose to appoint Brendan Boyle Insurance Claims Consultants, we will:

  • Establish liability with the insurance company as quickly as possible.
  • Determine values at risk and sums insured.
  • Deal with all aspects of underinsurance and betterment.
  • Attend meetings with Insurers, Loss Adjusters and Forensic Accountants to ensure all aspects of the claim are dealt with efficiently and the maximum settlement is achieved.
  • Prepare and negotiate claims for emergency interim funds, making sure major difficulties do not arise due to cash flow problems – such as paying staff and suppliers for commercial clients.
  • Advise you of the options available regarding temporary commercial premises relocation or alternative residential accommodation.
  • Process valuations and all contract documentation. In the event that any variations arise, we will negotiate with the Loss Adjuster to ensure recovery in full under the policy.
  • Oversee the reconstruction of the building, ensuring that alterations and improvements are at minimum or no cost to the client.
  • Prepare and negotiate settlement of all relevant claims – Buildings, Contents, Alternative Premises/Accommodation, Business Interruption (loss of profits and increased costs of working), Fixtures, Fittings & Machinery. All aspects of the policy cover will be fully utilised and all settlement options will be thoroughly explored.


Value at Risk Surveys

If you have any queries about the level of insurance you have on your home or business we can advise you. We can prepare a professional report which may include your insurance cover under such headings as buildings, contents, fixtures and fittings, stock, plant and machinery and, of course, business interruption cover. This will allow you to review & adjust the adequacy of your insurance cover, thus avoiding underinsurance (pro-rata reductions being made by your insurer) should a loss occur.

Tradesmen Assistance

Contact us and join our network of skilled Professional Tradesmen including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, window & door specialists, Roofers and engineers. It is mutually beneficial to assist each other.

This will result in speedy settlements for your customers helping you to get paid quicker!

We can also recommend you, when our customers don’t have a contractor to complete repairs.